Actelis Introduces Compact Ethernet Over Copper Solution

Actelis' MetaLIGHT 50 enables Service Providers and Enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively deliver high-speed Ethernet services over copper

FREMONT, Calif., February 9, 2004 - Actelis Networks&reg,a leading supplier of solutions that enable profitable, carrier-grade broadband services over local loop copper, today announced the availability of its MetaLIGHT&reg 50 Ethernet-over-Copper solution. An addition to the Actelis MetaLIGHT product family, the MetaLIGHT 50 allows service providers and enterprises to cost-effectively and rapidly deliver high-speed Ethernet services to locations only served by copper.

Utilizing standards-based extended G.SHDSL line code and designed to comply with the emerging IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) standard, Actelis' MetaLIGHT 50 can provide 1 to 40 Mbps of Ethernet services to customers and/or locations only served by copper. The MetaLIGHT 50 is additionally powered by Actelis' field-proven MetaLOOP&reg technology which allows it to provide far greater rate, reach and reliability compared to other products available today, while remaining a standards-based solution. The MetaLIGHT 50 covers the whole spectrum of users' needs, delivering over 5 Mbps over a single copper pair and up to 40 Mbps over 8 copper pairs. Environmentally hardened for outdoor deployment, the MetaLIGHT 50's bandwidth capabilities and high reliability make it ideal to support a wide array of applications including transparent LAN services, LAN interconnection, voice and video over IP. The system is also ideal for backhauling bandwidth to DSLAMs/NGDLCs as well as WiFi and cellular base stations. The MetaLIGHT 50 can also be utilized by enterprises, state and local government agencies, campuses and military organizations that require high-speed LAN connectivity between distant locations and are only connected by copper.

The unparalleled flexibility of the MetaLIGHT 50 allows it to serve as either a point-to-point solution or as the customer premise unit for Actelis' MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 point-to-multipoint platforms. The MetaLIGHT 50 flexibility also allows for a simple migration path from a point-to-point link to point-to-multipoint links when utilized with Actelis' MetaLIGHT 130 and/or MetaLIGHT 1300 platforms. This gives service providers the flexibility to cost-effectively begin Ethernet deployments in point-to-point configurations and as demand continues to increase, easily migrate to dense point-to-multipoint configurations, while retaining previous investments. Available in 2, 4 or 8 pair configurations, the MetaLIGHT 50 provides both service providers and enterprises with the ability to quickly and cost-effectively deploy Ethernet services to customers and/or locations only served by copper.

"Both service providers and enterprises have been searching for ways to deliver cost-effective broadband Ethernet services to businesses and/or locations without completing major infrastructure upgrades," said Yossi Saad, vice president of product marketing, Actelis Networks. "The MetaLIGHT 50 solution not only solves this bandwidth dilemma, but also does it in a remarkably cost-effective manner by allowing service providers and enterprises to significantly drive down the cost of providing broadband services without sacrificing service quality."

"In today's market, both service providers and enterprises need to deliver high-bandwidth Ethernet services without incurring additional infrastructure costs. Ideally, both service providers and enterprises can use their existing copper infrastructure to deliver these high-bandwidth services," said Peter Fetterolf, principal at Network Strategy Partners. "Since the first MetaLIGHT product was introduced in 2002, Actelis has been continually expanding their product portfolio to support a wide array of broadband applications throughout the world. The MetaLIGHT 50 is an ideal product for today's market. It's a cost-effective solution that provides the flexibility to be used in a point-to-point configuration, along with serving as an end point for its MetaLIGHT point-to-multi-point solutions."

In a separate announcement today, Actelis announced the availability of its MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 point-to-multipoint platforms which allow services providers and enterprises to deliver up to 40 Mbps of Ethernet services to multiple locations, from one centralized MetaLIGHT platform. For more information about the MetaLIGHT product family please visit